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Gegrundet in 1997 geniessen wir seit Jahren eine stetig wachsende Kundeschaar. 

In den letzen 15 Jahren und mehr als 2800 Visaantragstellungen (Stand Dezember 2013) wurden nur 9 Antraege negativ beschieden was einer Erfolgsquote von 99.95 % entspricht.

Wir akzeptieren nur Mandate die absolute Ausicht auf Erfolg haben ansonsten lehnen wir die Bearbeitung kategorisch ab.


Immigration law is constantly shifting due to the economic and social demands of the country. Therefore, it can be a mine field for the inexperienced migrant.

To begin with, there are several categories under which you may apply to New Zealand for Immigration:

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It is recommended that immigrants use the services of a licensed immigration adviser in order to minimize the hassle in wading through the mass of personal, professional, financial and familial criteria set down.

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A licensed immigration adviser spares you the hassle with the numerous authorities, therefore saves you real money and chooses the schedule carefully in co-operation with the applicant and the authorities. Our long-year experience helps to reduce processing times and thus keeps the costs to a minimum. We guarantee professional management of all your immigration matters.

In order to cope with the huge level of interest, the New Zealand government has established an extensive and complicated immigration system. The flow of people into this country is regulated in terms of those who will benefit the country as well as those in need of a new homeland.

Licensed Immigration Advisers:
Peter Beiner
IAA 200800579
Samantha Kelsey IAA 201200910

Company registration number: AK/973706

Auswandern nach Neuseeland

Bereits seit 1997 bieten wir Privat- und Geschaeftskunden eine umfassende Auswanderungs- und Niederlassungsberatung. Bueros in Deutschland und Neuseeland.

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A consultant spares you the hassle with the authorities, saves you real money and chooses the schedule carefully in co-operation with the applicant and the authorities.

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A lean administration, invest-
ments focused on quality rather than quantity and avoiding extensive representation costs, enable us to offer you our most competitive fees.

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We invest our time and efforts on people who are serious about their immigration plans. We are committed and determined to provide a detailed assessment of your chances…

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